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Walter holdings (shenzhen) co., LTD., established in March 2017, the enterprise's agriculture science and technology frontier city Shenzhen, engaged in block chain industry, on a global scale layout block chain industry science and technology innovation and technology enterprise with open inclusive attitude to meet the people from all walks of life, jointly created no kinship family legend in one thousand Enterprise's contains think-tank system education training technology industrial financial capital and so on four big group, in the process of development, has always been adhering to the principle of education development, industrial patriotic financial strong family With the think tank system as the link, education training as the basis, science and technology industry as the basis, and financial capital as the driving force, the company has devoted its efforts to build various business sections and build a complete ecosystem of walter group
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说明: Walter group, a think-tank, the system is the crucial part of the group development process, is the enterprise's brain under section across busine...
说明: Walter education training, according to the enterprise management of the business skills needed in the process of development such as requirements, ta...
说明: To the development of an enterprise, cannot leave the promotion of science and technology, more cannot leave the industrial support walter industrial ...
说明: The development of enterprises, the capital is inseparable from the topic Walter section in financial capital, leading the global value chain blocks i...
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03 2018 - 07 -
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Late July 2, 2018, Walter Holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.In July, se...
26 2018 - 07 -
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Recently, typhoon "Ai Yun Ni" caused severe storm and rain i...
26 2018 - 07 -
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Chaos grows in clusters and is abandoned? Avoiding risk and denying it...
26 2018 - 07 -
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On May 20, 2018, the first global chain business festival guizhou guiy...
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Walter Senior executive meeting was held yesterday in July
Late July 2, 2018, Walter Holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.In July, senior executives held a grand meeting in the Walter conference room in Shenzhen. The meeting summed up the development and shortcomings of various departments and companies in the first half of the year, and made a comprehensive plan for the future work in the July.At the meeting, the executives of various departments and subsidiaries made reports on the work, summed up the past, planned the future, and finally, Du Yixuan, the chairman of the board of the Walter group, made a concluding speech to the meeting.He stressed that the development of the enterprise must pay attention to the brand building. Next, Walter will set up a brand planning group to create a brand culture with the characteristics of Walter. In addition, because of the rapid development of Walter and the unfamiliarity between the various departments and the staff of the subsidiaries, the company also builds a group of activities to promote the feelings...
2018 - 07 - 03
The first chain business day ended successfully, and technology and Carnival coexisted.
Recently, typhoon "Ai Yun Ni" caused severe storm and rain in Shenzhen, and many flights and high speed rail have been delayed, which has also caused no small impact on the world's first chain business Festival. However, the world's first chain of Business Festival, which has passed through the tour of thousands of mountains and rivers, and passed from misinterpretation to cognition, has been held in Shenzhen in June 6th.The world's first chain of Business Festival ticketsThe world's first chain of Business Festival ticketsThe world's first chain of Business Festival ticketsThe world's first chain of Business Festival is divided into two parts, the afternoon's block chain: the world and the new economic opportunities Summit Forum, the evening's first global chain of Business Festival Gala.The first Global Business Festival GalaBlock chain: new world and new economic opportunitiesThe first site of the world's first chain of Business Festival...
2018 - 07 - 26
Blockchain, is it really omnipotent? 6 netease is for you
Chaos grows in clusters and is abandoned? Avoiding risk and denying it all? Give up or embrace hope for growth? Avoiding or exploiting the value? What is the blockchain? Is it really omnipotentWhen a new technology comes out, people don't care about how cool or cool it is. What people care about is whether it can be applied or not, and whether it can improve people's livesToday, blockchain technology is praised by people. It is said that the decentralized mechanism of blockchain can change people's lives, and the distributed accounting mechanism can add trust between peopleHave chaos, also to tap into the value of a technology, if not combined with actual project, it will eventually become a bubble of society, once puncture, and fragile but if we blindly pursue it, but not its itself because of the huge energy, so to speak, this is a loss to human society how to regulate regulatory blocks the development of the industry chain, the value of its underlying technology? Can blo...
2018 - 07 - 26
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