The American computer industry association has issued a public sector blockchain application guid

Date: 2018-07-26

The computer industry association of the United States (CompTIA) has published an industry guide on blockchain technology to serve public sector employees reporting on the use of blockchain change, published July 24 local time


CompTIA, one of the top IT industry associations in the United States, has published a guide entitled making use of blockchain change :CompTIA's public sector practice guidance report covers federal and state recommendations on how to use blockchain technology to help manage risk, drive economic growth and create strong regulatory regimes

CompTIA said, "block chain technology may be the most talked about but the most misunderstood new technology in the world today".

National and local governments have also started using blockchains in areas such as land ownership and medical service providers' registries. Meanwhile, in the private sector, some companies have announced significant investments in blockchain, such as a pilot project between wal-mart and IBM to secure the food supply chain

The association also held an event with Arizona senator David Schweikert on July 24, focusing on the technology innovation announcements that block chain technology has brought to businesses. It said the growing use of block chain technology will help redefine how the United States and the world conduct business

Earlier this month, the United States was named the country most favoring ICO

Meanwhile, congress recently discussed the possibility of issuing the us central bank's digital currency (CBDC) and the possibility of national governments using blockchain technology, and maintained a fairly negative view of such applications throughout the meeting

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