Ma li: to answer these three questions, you and blockchain are three views

Date: 2018-07-26

In July 16th,At the B16 blockchain idea festival hosted by pomegranate finance and economics, vice President of babbitt brought the three views of blockchain and the theme sharing of the application. He raised three questions to guide people to have a deeper understanding of blockchain


Next, with your thoughts in mind, read the text of the speech together, arranged by babbit

What I share with you today is the three views and applications of blockchain. A few days ago, I talked with a friend who is a doctor of psychology. When talking about the process of love, I found that it seems to have some connection with blockchain

My doctor friend said that he found three decision rules in the three stages of love, marriage, and parenthood

The first rule of attraction is the law of attraction. When you meet someone for the first time, it's best to make sure your eyes are fixed

The second decision rule is determined through law, is to have similar world outlook outlook on life values, they found that we not only feelings, and meaning and, perhaps two people are watching the stars of the moon people perhaps is two people together to play games for sleeping in, all in all, through similar to anxiety, can further to get married

The third rule of decision is the rate of division of labor, the rate at which two people are able to agree on the division of labor, one is able to bear more for the family, or to make some sacrifices together, and that's when two people can reproduce

This is a very interesting thing, the most emotional thing can also be given the most rational stage judgment, the last few stages, we can go over a certain stage, but beyond that, it may not be perfect

I was wondering, what level of relationship do we have with blockchain if we turn objects into blockchains? What are the decision rates

First of all, since people pay so much attention to blockchain, it shows that blockchain has already attracted you. Many people may have been in love with blockchain

But for now, most are not understand through the decision rate, understanding of no micro medium macro block chain, did not think he is attracted to which part of chain blocks, we obviously can't just stay in the primary stage, we should from attract decided to rate the layer, to upgrade the understanding, is I want to share with you the block chain through

I have extracted three problems from the blockchain concept here


一、Block chain theory

1、Is blockchain a new technology

My answer is that blockchain is not a new technology, it is a new model, which is not what I said, but a definition of blockchain in the 2016 white paper of the ministry of industry and information technology: Block chain distributed data storage is a point-to-point transmission mechanism The encryption algorithm the innovative application of computer in the Internet age, such as pattern Attention, four technology mentioned here is actually on the nineties had been invented, so the bottom of the block chain and there is no new technology, but the pattern is new in this astute apply this pattern in the currency Vitalik Buterin apply this pattern in the field of intelligent contract, is the etheric fang Together the four top technology, made in the implementation of intelligent interaction, execute the application of assets business chain Only when we understand blockchain from the perspective of model can we understand why blockchain is a change of production relations, and why it not only brings about the improvement of productivity, but also changes people's production relations

2、What revolution is blockchain going to revolutionize and what is it

The most common saying is that blockchain is a subversive technology, which will revolutionize everything in the past. In my opinion, blockchain is more like a black swan. At most, black swans subvert the notion that all swans are white, but black swans cannot subvert the white swans from our daily lives. They are basically supported by traditional central organizations. They are very efficient and convenient, which is impossible to decentralize

The value of blockchain is not to be subverted, but to give you a choice. We can only use the central system to accomplish some things. More importantly, this black swan is very young. It is only ten years since its birth. The next existence beyond BAT is the domain of blockchain. We must study it and embrace it


If the concept of TOKEN is only translated into tokens, it is a bit of a bad feeling. Do we buy these tokens for 10% or 20%? Obviously not. Basically, all of us are rushing for ten times and hundreds of times. So what is the value of TOKEN? Bitcoin is the value transmission itself, we transfer bitcoin to be equivalent to the value of transmission, we get the bonus of bitcoin at the time of accounting. We also pay the fee when we transfer the accounts. Although we do not rely on the formalities now, we still have to rely on the formalities for the future, so the bitcoin is useful. Yes. So what does the ether do? Ethernet coins are expendables, smart contracts need to be consumed, and they are also useful. This is my view on the TOKEN in the block chain. TOKEN is for use, not for frying. If a consensus concept is established in the future, it must be based on the practical value of TOKEN. I opportunistic to misuse the big words: "the house is for living, not for frying." Changed to "TOKEN is used, not fried."

But there is no denying the fact that TOKEN formed in human history the first market on A global scale, the famous media event in history, the tulip occurred in Europe, and around the stock market is in fact the segmentation of the market, but the TOKEN form formed 7 * 24 hours of cross-border speculation in the market, this is A very interesting thing the world to participate in the number of tokens market investment does not exceed 30 million, the base of 120 million compared to A shares, the future still have certain development space, so although the TOKEN is to use, not to stir, but objectively it is become A market hype

二、Block chain application

Now let me tell you that the application of the framework block chain is in a relatively early stage. You may have been exposed to this curve. The current block chain is like the Internet around 2000


Here I apply block chain is divided into two kinds, 1.0 is the application of productivity, 2.0 is the application of production relations, productivity is easy to understand, use the block chain speed how much how much how much safety efficiency promoted the application of production relations after this pattern is to use the block chain, is there any change in the organization model of motivation

1、Productivity application


At present, the application of productivity, has been very common, some of the applications of league chain, the workers and peasants in the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and China merchants is to transform their existing system use block chain, a friend told me that CMB, international clearing bank different original need two or three days time, set the block chain system, can realize real-time transfer and settlement It's just like a hammer of the process of looking for nail, everybody take block this tool chain, combined with their own application scenario for ascension

2、Application of production relations


The application of production relations is more abstract, so you can look at the diagram and feel, specifically, what are the applications of production relations? The first COINS Etheric lane is for certain, we used to enforce value transfer, can only use the banking system, now you can use COINS to realize we put to her grandson, want to ask a lawyer notarized before, please save bank, can now based on block chain system, write the assets into intelligent contract, if I use the traditional way of solution, can be very expensive, and who know lawyers still is in after 70, the bank also is here or not? So the blockchain could have a more profound impact on the production relationship and I want to ask you, what is the blockchain + the Internet of things + the autopilot? It's the same thing as this picture: the car has itself


Imagine the future one day, a car owners don't want it, it can automatic driving, to meet the guest, the guest to the destination after the digital currency can be used to pay, if the car had no oil, it will take digital currency to refuel, perhaps one day, it will put himself into something we don't know how did this happen? All of our past system account identities are based on people, and blockchain gives the machine an identity that can exist on its own, which I think is also the imagination of blockchain

So that's what I'd like to share today. Thank you

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