The first global chain business festival national tour - the fourth wuhan station was successfully h

Date: 2018-05-15

In May 13, 2018,The 4th stop of the first global chain business festival national tour was grandly held in wuhan wanda jihua hotel of hubei province through the preheating of the previous several national Tours. The global chain business festival has set off a wave of public interest blockchain in the industry


There was no vacancy and the scene was hot

14:30,Activity after the official start of the host in simple and warm, with a big round of applause, the chain of global business section co-founder BiJiaRui ye (currency) on the stage as wuhan people money ye said the speech, the tour of wuhan station is significant for him, to be able to do in hometown tour, to chain up the universal knowledge, contributed to the development of hubei block chain, money ye pleasure, money ye also said at the same time, his lifetime for the global chain business section and global blocks of orderly and healthy development of the chain to make best


Bi jiarui, co-founder of the global chain business festival

Founder of global chain business section chief planning reference planning agencies -- - as the speaker of the tour, on the stage not only expounds the importance of blocks in chain, and describes the global chain business section of the launch and development at the same time, he also focuses on the global chain business quarter in the global offering recruit 108 joint sponsors of the significance, and the business section 6, a global chain of important historical significance


Global chain business festival general planning shangfeng planning agency founder shangfeng

Then, as the co-initiator and sharing guest of the global chain business festival, xia shigrun also gave speeches one by one. After that, wang yuehui, dean of walter school of business, gave speeches respectively on the knowledge of block chain and popularized the knowledge of block chain for on-site guests


The co-sponsor xia realized


Co-founder Chen shirun


Wang yuegui, dean of the walter school of business


Guo zhenhong, dean of the walter school of business

During the award ceremony, bi jiarui presented the certificate of honor to the co-sponsor Mr. Zhong bingyuan


Award a certificate of honor

The climax of the meeting was at the end of the meeting, when shangfeng issued an employment letter to President wang yuegui and President guo: President wang yuegui was appointed as chairman of the promotion committee of the chain business festival, and President guo zhenhong was appointed as executive secretary of the promotion committee of the chain business festival


Letter of appointment

After the end of the activity, the applause lasted for a long time. All the guests took photos together to remember wuhan station's tour. Besides attracting the participation of various famous people, there were also many media present at the scene to witness the grand performance of the tour


Multitudinous support media


To receive an interview with the media


Joint sponsor to receive an interview


An interview with the dean of the business school

In addition to the attendance of 300 guests, there are also the following guests:

Ye tianchang: vice chairman of wuhan federation of industry and commerce, chairman of wuhan xingda industrial co., LTD

MAO junyu: calligrapher of China red army brigade, executive chairman of China mao-style calligrapher's union, executive director of red flag painting institute of China red culture research institute, chairman of hubei yuze tianxia culture development co., LTD

Wu xiaoli: world beauty contest China executive chairman li fan sister film founder world youth director

Feng jiangang: President of wuhan branch of elite famous chamber of commerce

Xiao han: executive chairman of China and chairman of stimpel industrial co., LTD

Li chunlan: executive chairman of the global goddess competition, chairman of the 2018 miss world tourism and culture contest, President of the art alliance of naaran hui and the art training institute of naaran hui

Zhao jun: founder of zhao jun alliance

Zhou cao: co-founder of enterprise alliance and chairman of 12 zodiac culture media co., LTD

MAO zhenyuan: minister of the foreign relations department of the Chinese MAO clan

Master heng guang: master monk of shaolin temple, the 35th generation disciple of shaolin temple, abbot of wu master temple, zhanggong shanzhai, wuhan

张燚 : Chinese original music competition conference executive secretary of hubei province

Lai zi: chairman of lai shi international (Hong Kong) trading co. LTD

He Chenjun: ze lang private custom founder

Liu hai: wuhan branch of elite famous chamber of commerce

Yu di: President of greater China, Swiss orong (Hong Kong) international beauty group co., LTD

an pan pan pan pan pan pan pan pan pan pan: vice President of greater China, Swiss ao long (Hong Kong) international beauty group co., LTD

Zeng xianxiong: chairman of wentou (wuhan) culture industry development co., LTD., executive vice President of hubei culture industry chamber of commerce

Zhou zuyong: head of One Belt And One Road construction and local characteristic economic development research group of Peking University, chairman of education consulting co., LTD in wuhan sanyuan times

Chen hong: director of CCTV net hubei editing and editing center

Hua haina: director of CCTV7 attitude documentary production

Ke wenxiang: director reporter of hubei pictorial, writer, provincial model worker

Zhou xiangdong: deputy editor, huazhong network, global news

Wang haowen: first person of web celebrity, founder and CEO of China President resources alliance group holding co., LTD

Zhou zhiguo: President meeting founde

Kang Guoquan: CEO of Automobile Chain, Chairman of Mialphaodi Shared Automobile

Wang Chen :1+ dean of public welfare business school


Integrity chain business, wealth dream! On May 20, 2015, BBS, guizhou guiyang and block chain application technology of guizhou, the fifth stop of the world's first chain merchants' festival global tour, came to an end

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