The first global chain business festival national tour - the third station nanning grand opening

Date: 2018-07-26

In May 5th, the world's first tour of chain chaining and block chain Application Forum was held in Nanning, Guangxi.

This is the third roadshow of the first global chain business festival, which aims to bring the global public interest organization chain business festival into the public eye, involve more top technical talents and public welfare professionals in the global industry, and promote the development and standardization of the block chain industry

This will mark another milestone in the blockchain industry


The initiator always planned the group photo of invited guests

Because, the global chain business festival is to build a healthy block chain ecosystem, to dig out global authoritative information, and to serve the public to truly reject the public welfare behavior of commercial performances, which has played an important role in studying the application of block chain technology and the customization and specification of industry standards

At the scene, everyone was in high spirits and warmly welcomed the global chain business festival, because as early as April 8, the first global chain business festival held a press conference, officially announced that this is a festival for all chain businessmen, it is worthy of carnival, it is worth celebrating

Therefore, since the first global chain business festival was held in nanchang, jiangxi province on April 21, it has attracted the close attention of media chain businessmen and users. As of May 5, it has been the third stop of the first global chain business festival

Global chain business section and global chain business festival organizing committee was officially opened on March 25, 2018, drawing up annual holiday June 6 for the global chain blocks: headquartered in shenzhen, China, the organizing committee by bright elder brother, Du Yi hin obsidian inscription, BiJiaRui joint founding section at the same time, chain business in the global offering recruit 108 jointly sponsors to standardize and promote the development of chain block

Global chain business section is a public welfare service together to create a comprehensive platform for the purpose, and put forward the chain business wealth dream integrity of the enterprise culture, adhering to the principle of a fair and public welfare and mission, is committed to build a global community and within the scope of the block chain alliance, in order to establish industry standards, set up industry integrity, popularize knowledge of chain blocks, organize and facilitate communication technology research and set up a global chain business section formed blocks the organizing committee of the chain, the chain shoulder blocks industry standards technology research and development the important responsibility of the application to the ground and promotion

At the site of the tour, the general planner and initiator of the global chain store festival came to the site to support the tour


The co-sponsor of the first global chain business festival, chairman of hunan kangfengqi culture media co., LTD., vice chairman of hunan moyuan tea co., LTD., shareholder of hunan hangyi culture media co., LTD., gold lecturer


The first global chain business festival co-sponsor, block chain senior investors

And very lucky enough to be invited to: Malaysia tourism bureau of international cultural exchange center executive: Yang Zhongxuan, especially for the guest read the chain in Malaysia's future block strategic layout, and the block chain application development, fully affirmed the value of the chain business section and mission, and is willing to contribute own strength for chain business section, the next step in Malaysia to develop chain business promotion, hope Malaysia block chain people participate in the festival together


Special guest, CEO of international cultural exchange center of Malaysia tourism and culture bureau

Former business department of guangxi autonomous region: zhu dejin

WALTER block chain incubation consultant, Singapore block chain foundation Consultant: Tony.

Business school guest lecturer, the first global chain business festival promotion ambassador: zhiheng wang

In order to facilitate this tour, and to explain the basic knowledge of blockchain and the future development trend of blockchain in detail for the guests present


Development vision 
Global chain business firm the enthusiastic attitude in a wonderful state of mind and standardize forward-looking view design won the approval and recognition, someone in the place which initiate and promote block chain in the field of application and promotion of important measures, such as landing and to serve the public, to seek the benefits due to the public This is the purpose of it, and the direction 
In May 5th, the world's first chain business festival in Nanning, Guangxi, has been a perfect curtain call, but the world's first chain commerce Festival has just begun to warm up. The fourth and fifth stops of the world's first chain business festival will be held in Hubei, Wuhan and Guiyang in May 13th and May 20th respectively. 
The global tour, the grand arrival, let more people in the industry know the existence of chain merchants festival, know that June 6 is the annual block chain merchants festival 

Here, I wish the 4th stop of the first global chain business festival a complete success. I look forward to the official launch of the global chain business festival on June 6

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