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Recruitment position:

Copy editor

Recruitment number: 3 people
Working place: 6 / f, building C, wanguo food city, li lang road, longgang district, shenzhen
Date of issue: 2018-07-19
Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the planning, creation and writing of annual and phased new media communication plans for the company's related products;

2. Independently wrote all kinds of planning documents according to the marketing and promotion needs of the company at different stages;

3. Cooperated with the marketing operation team to complete the formulation of creative strategies, including promotion plan and hot spot planning;

4. Responsible for the release and management of the company's WeChat public account, microblog and blog;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job requirements:

1. Experience in new media copywriting planning such as WeChat and weibo is preferred;

2. Experience in copywriting of the activity company is preferred;

3. Proficient in using WORD, PPT, EXCEL and other office software; Strong writing skills and the ability to edit and refine words;

4. Strong learning ability, clear logic, quick thinking, good communication skills, and good language skills;

5. Strong executive ability, proactive work, good working habits and team spirit.


Salary and benefits:

1. The probation period is 1-3 months. After the expiration of the probation period (negotiable), the salary scheme is: basic salary + performance commission + equity dividend;

2. Employees' salary is directly related to their work performance, working ability and performance;

The following documents and articles are required for application and registration:

1. Resident identity card (or a copy of the residence permit with the seal of the local police station)

2. Graduation certificate

3. Certificate of professional qualification;

4. Physical examination certificate of hospitals above the town level;

We provide good working environment for employees, to provide a fair and reasonable space for personal development and promotion channels, emphasis on staff must have good self learning ability, a high degree of team spirit, to improve the employees' self-motivation, self-discipline, and self management, self development of talent development mechanism, the company warmly welcome people with lofty ideals to join and grow with the company.

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