Walter development history

In July 24, 2017, Walter Biotechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the Walter family was born.

In October 15, 2017, Walter headquarters opened its ribbon cutting ceremony, making its external voice.

In October 21, 2017, the Walter family seminar was held to lay the general direction for enterprise development.

In April 2018, it became the executive director of the chain Technology Expo.

On 2018 05, 04, Walter holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established, and its four major sections were beginning to take shape.

In June 6, 2018, it became a member of the expert committee of the global chain of business, helping the healthy and orderly development of the block chain industry.

In June 2018, he became the vice chairman of the heart League Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Heart Association Volunteers Association.

Development course
Walter biotechnology shenzhen co. LTD
  • Walter biotechnology shenzhen co. LTD
    Family culture
    Focus on product development to become the ultimate brand
    Focus on the team divided into the stage
    Focus on sales leadership and presentation skills
    The king's exit leads the new trend of The Times
    He who does not seek all ages will not live forever
    It is not enough to seek a game without looking at the big picture
    It is not enough for a man not to seek his own family
    It is not enough to seek China without the world
    It is not enough to seek the world without living beings
    All laws are empty except the eternal universe of energy
    All things are capable of guiding the mountains and rivers
    The strategy is better than a thousand miles away
  • Walter biotechnology shenzhen co. LTD
    Walter's corporate vision:The creation of thousands of years of unrelated family system
    Walter's development mission:Inheriting Chinese culture, enriching jiuzhou chain merchants, creating countless blockchain brands and bringing the world back to nature
    Walter's corporate values:Achieve the dream of enterprise, build the family name noble, return to social value
    Walter's development philosophy:Keep pace with The Times. Go ahead with The Times, create art, create works. Seek and you will find
    Walter's entrepreneurial spirit:Do not forget the original heart, remember the heart of hair, good, inside the holy king
    Walter family mission:Education development, Industry for the country financial power. With the think tank system as the link, education training as the basis, health industry as the basis, and financial investment as the impetus, the walter family has built the basic industry ecosystem.
  • Walter biotechnology shenzhen co. LTD
    Family motto
    Stand upright and speak justly; be generous to others
    Teach the son only loyal filial piety, family management diligent and thrifty
    Be patient and impartial
    Do not lie about receiving goods
    Respect your elders and make friends with them
    Roots ze fu Prosperous family Our sons Riches and honour auspicious
    Heart if king kong breaks all things, walk like running water run all beings! Combination of Yin and Yang, both firm and flexible! Static is moving, moving is static, moving to the extreme side is static, static to the extreme side is moving, in the static and static balance energy, in the static and static want to take the world!
Address: 6th floor, building C, wanguocheng, no. 9, li lang road, nanwan street, longgang district, shenzhen city
National service telephone:
400-687-9456 0755-28919456
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